A Comparison of Evaporation in Uncontrolled DC Arc in Classical Spectrography and in Computer-Controlled DC Arc in Optical Spectrometry in Analysis of Environmentally Relevant Elements

Page: 348

S. Ružičková, J. Bajuszová, M. Matherny, and L. Koller

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Metallurg, Technical University, Košice, Slovak Republic


Evaporation of Al, Cr, Ni and V in the classical uncontrolled DC arc spectrography and in the computer-controlled DC arc optical emission spectrometry was compared in the determination of the environmentally important elements. The experiments were carried out with a grating spectrograph PGS-2 and simultaneous multichannel LECO 750 spectrometer which was connected to the evaporation cell and adjusted to the Marinković plasma source. Standardized evaporation curves were obtained and the half-time and total evaporation time values were calculated. The basic statistical evaluation was also made.


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