Application of Quantitative Atmogeochemistry in Monitoring Old Ecological Burdens

Page: 896

P. Najmanová, P. Nyplová, M. Kubal, and J. Janků

Institute of Chemistry of Environment Protection, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague


A procedure is described for estimation of the perchloroethylene content in contaminated soils from its concentration in soil air, using relationships for the solubility of perchloroethylene in water and its adsorption on soil particles. A method of sampling soil air with a probeas well as adsorption of perchloroethylene and its GC determination are described. The estimates obtained by measuring its concentration in soil air were compared with the total perchloroethylene content determined by extraction of soil with methanol. The results were not comparable, probably due to its escape during handling samples during the extraction.


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